Jan Ratliff

Reconciling Ministries representative








Jan Ratliff is retired from two careers: accounting/finance and nursing. In the first, she worked in internal audit, management, chief financial officer for various corporations (including non-profit), and public accounting. As a registered nurse, she worked in trauma, labor and delivery, hospice, and clinic management. A life-long United Methodist, Jan has held many positions in local churches in the various states where she has lived. She currently is a member of the Iowa Conference “Do No Harm” group working on the full inclusion of LGBTQI members of the United Methodist Church. She joined Trinity UMC in May 2015, and she and her spouse have been attending Trinity/Las Americas for several years. Jan’s service to Trinity has included working on the audit, helping prepare databases for the Red Door Campaign, and helping to organize the Christmas Eve supper. She presently serves on the Church Council as the Reconciling Ministries representative.